Friday, June 4, 2010

"THE CALL" liv' Islam

'The Call' is an annual event organized by the Jamiyyathul Salaf(NGO since 2006) to create awareness about Islamic solutions for social problems.The event Comprises of of seven lectures by two very prominent speakers from the Islamic World,Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips(Canada) and abduraheem Green(UK)

The Major Topics that were covered were:
  1. Liv' Islam By Dr.Bilal Phillips
  2. Sex,Drugs & Rock n Roll By
  3. Qur'an -is the more to it? By Dr.Bilal Phillips
  4. Womens Rights in Islam By Br.Green
  5. Belief in Allah By Dr.Bilal Phillips
  6. Why do we need a Religion By Dr.Bilal Phillips
  7. Towards a Peaceful Society By Br.Green
Other than above events there were Live TV and Radio Q&A programs conducted to make awareness among the public.

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